Snowy weather in York

Our tree surgery team were working in York today, dismantling 5 trees in the snow and ice cold. The weather slowed us down slightly but we managed to work all day in blizzard conditions. the tree in the pic is a large Oak that is leaning over some out building so has to be taken down in small pieces.

Tree surgery Farsley

This morning was absolutely freezing cold, our first job was in Farsley, Leeds, we were called to a residential job to prune and reduce the height of a Hawthorne Tree. Then our tree surgery team were on to the next job in Headingley, Leeds. this was one of our commercial customers that required some crown thinning and a bit of height reduction.

Working in Haxby, York

Today we were working in Haxby, York. we were raising the crown on a large Beech Tree the lower limbs were hanging down so low that the vehicles that passed under were scraping them. To be fair if we had waited until the weight of the leaves were on the limbs they would have touched the floor.

beech tree removal

Our tree surgeon team were working in a wet and miserable Kirkstall area of Leeds. The weather was not the best, but the work was a nice challenge to remove a large beech tree. Once again our team went that extra mile to leave the area clean and tidy.

Working in Leeds

Today our Tree Surgery team were working in Leeds center making good use for our wood chippings, we often put wood chippings on our commercial customers boarders for free, makes there boarders look tidy and at the same time it helps us get rid of the chippings.

Working in the rain in Meanwood Leeds

Well it was long day working all day in the rain, the job booked in was a average size ash tree at the top of a slippy slope in a garden in Meanwood Leeds. I lost count the amount of time we slipped down the slope. But we managed to take the tree down safely, chip it up and leave the site clean and tidy.

Tree Surgery Wakefield

A nice steady start to the week,cold but clear conditions in Wakefield. reducing the height on two conifer trees.

Cold tree surgeons

Well that was a cold week in for our tree surgeons, we started the week tree cutting locally then by mid week we were tree pruning in East Yorkshire, then we ended the week with a nice little tree removal in York. Roll on summer when we can enjoy the weather.

Tree cutting York

A very cold start to the day for m.i.m tree services first job was a little Ash tree in York. Then it was off to the East Coast for some further tree surgery work where the temperature really dropped to freezing.

Tree removal East Yorkshire

Are arborist is gearing up for a cold day out on the east coast tomorrow, working on a nice retirement development pruning and doing some height reduction.

Making good use of the wood chippings

M.I.M Tree Services making good use of the wood chippings offering it free to our commercial customers to put on the boarders to tidy up and stop weeds.

Busy start to the week

a nice start to the week, our team removed 3 large conifers in Tingley, Leeds LS27. then it was straight to Knaresborough to remove a Crab Apple tree that had become infected and diseased.

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