A bit better weather so far this week

We started the week with a job in Oakwood, Leeds a nice size Ash tree removal in a private garden. Today our tree surgery team was working in Horsforth, leeds just down from leeds and Bradford airport, we had some good views of the planes flying over whilst we were working in the trees.

Tree felling york

Once again our team is out working in York, we are working on a site with a number of trees to be removed. Some of the trees can be straight felled but there are a number that we have no option but to climb and dismantle. At least the snow has stayed away although we have had a bit of rain.

Dismantling a large backward leaning oak tree

Our Leeds based tree surgery team once again had to battle with snow and cold to arrive at the site in York. Once on site the day warmed up and we were able to start dismantling a large backward leaning oak tree. The tree was leaning over the customers property, this is the reason the tree had to be removed. We carefully rigged all the top branches off and got it down to a manageable height so that we could fell the trunk. Once again the M.I.M tree Service team completed the job without any issues.

Conifer removal Leeds

The second job of the day was a conifer removal in Leeds. The tree surgery team were pleased the weather has warmed up and the day was dry, a big change from the snow last week. Another smooth run job completed and another satisfied customer.

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